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Getting to Know The Software
Getting to Know The Software

A selected list of articles to help establish your practice in the billing software.

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Finding Support for Elation Billing

There are a few ways you can get help with Elation Billing!

You can search the Help Center and chat with a Support Specialist without ever leaving Elation Billing! Just click on the chat bubble in the lower-right corner of any Elation Billing page...

...or by using your Toolbar - select Support > Support Ticket Portal.

You can also navigate to the Help Center's dedicated page from the Support button!

Google Chrome

While Elation Billing will function in most standard internet browsers, we are optimized for use in Google Chrome!

Lifecycle of a Claim in Elation

Note: Elation All-in-One Customers will rarely create a claim Manually in Elation Billing - this is generally reserved for tracking payments from Capitation, Prop 56, etc

Claim Creation Workflow

Elation Billing Functions

This guide is presented following the general life-cycle of a Claim. Before you can submit a claim, you'll want to Enroll in your Payers' EDI! After that, you can Submit Your Claims - once the Health Plans start paying, you'll need to Post Those Payments! After that, you can send Statements for Patient Responsibility. Once you're ready to get a deeper understanding of how your practice is reporting, you'll likely want to dig in to some Reports.

Favorite Payers and EDI Enrollments


Once you've enrolled with your Payers, you're one step closer to submitting Claims! You'll want to familiarize yourself with a few tools.

  1. Filing a Claim (Video) allows you to create a Superbill

    1. For Elation All-in-One users, Claims will generally be done in the EHR by Signing a Note that has Billing Information (CPTs) added. A reminder on how to process Delayed Billing is included in this article.

  2. The Claims Queue is where your claims will land when you Bill - from there, you can print a paper claim, review what's ready to transmit, and transmit the claim to the designated payer.

  3. The Claims Manager allows you to, as the name indicates, manage your Claims - it offers a condensed view of every claim in the billing software, along with filters to further refine your search. It also allows you to make some updates to Claims in bulk (Settle, Transfer Balance, etc)

  4. The Worklist (Video) allows you to Tag claims that require further action. The billing software offers a suite of default tags, alongside the option to add your own Custom tags, allowing you to refine your worklist as much as you'd like.

  5. Patient/ Claim/ Statement Notes allow you to leave permanent information in the billing software.

  6. Patient and Claim Alerts, on the other hand, allow you to leave temporary information in the billing software. Additionally, Patient Alerts will be readily visible on any Claim for that patient, giving you pertinent information at a glance.

  7. Running Eligibility with payers that offer real-time eligibility gives you an immediate update on the patient's insurance. For those payers that do not offer real-time eligibility/ have not been enrolled with to provide these reports, you can also Manually mark the insurance as Active/ Inactive, based on your own findings.

    1. If you're running into problems with running or viewing eligibility, check out our Troubleshooting Guide!


When it's time to post payments, there are two options.

  1. ERAs can be Auto Posted. (Video) When this option is selected, the billing software will take the information from the ERA and generate a new Payment automatically, where you can then give it a review. Note: we do not advise Auto Posting ERAs with Denials.

  2. Collecting Patient Payments can be triggered

  3. Posting a Payment Manually (Video)gives you full control over the posting process - this will be used when posting paper EOBs, ERAs with Denials

    1. When posting payments that include Claims from a previous billing software, the amounts from these claims can be added into the Ignored field. Consider adding a Note providing context for the ignored amount.

  4. The Payments page itself shows a full list of Insurance and Patient Payments

  5. Claim Appeals can be handled from the Claims Manager or the Patient's page.

    1. Common Code Denials and some potential ways to get a denied claim processed can be found here!

Statements and Patient Billing

  1. Sending Statements to patients is available via mail, email, and text.

  2. View and Print Statements that have been sent to patients

  3. Statement Notes can be generated to quickly leave notes on all outbound statements.

  4. Payment Plans can be established to automatically send payment plan statements to patients. These plans can be established based on either time or value.

  5. Transferring Patient Balances From a Prior Practice Management Software can be done most succinctly following these steps.

Reports & Tools

  1. The Document Center allows you to upload and store files for your Practice

  2. ⚡️Lightning Insights are a collection of powerful reporting tools to get a handle on the performance and status of your practice!

  3. ⚡️Lightning Reports give you a more focused view of your Practice

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