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Fees Associated with Elation Billing
Fees Associated with Elation Billing

What do Statements cost? What do Appeals cost? What do Mailed Claims cost?

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While the Elation Billing subscription includes many powerful tools and features, some services do incur additional fees. Below are the details for current fees:

  • Unlimited electronic Claims, ERAs, and RTEs included

  • Text and Email statements included

  • Mailed Statements: $0.95 each, no extra charge for additional pages

  • Mailed or Faxed Paper Claims: $1.15 each

  • Mailed or Faxed Appeals (up to 5 pages): $1.50, and $0.30 for each additional page

Please refer to the guide below for more details, and do not hesitate to reach out with any additional questions!

What's included in your Elation Billing subscription

We're pleased to offer the following services as part of your Elation Billing subscription - no further fees required!

  • Electronic Claim submissions

  • ERA

  • Real Time Eligibility (RTE) checks

  • Electronic Statements (requires activating Online Payments)

  • Appeal Packet downloads

What services incur additional fees

Mailed Statements

Mailed Statements incur a flat fee of $0.95 per mailed statement.

Mailed Statements feature

  • Double-sided color printing for enhanced readability

  • A perforated tear-off payment slip for patient convenience

  • A return envelope included for ease of payment remittance

Mailed or Faxed Paper Claims

Claims mailed or faxed through Elation Billing incur a flat fee of $1.15 per claim.

Mailed or Faxed Appeals

Appeals mailed or faxed through Elation Billing incur a fee of $1.50 for the first 5 pages, and $0.30 for each additional page.

Fee FAQs

How will my practice be billed for these services?

These charges will be reflected in your monthly invoice.

Why is Elation charging for these services?

While we do offer many services at no extra cost, the fees for these specific services are crucial for maintaining the quality of service you expect from us.

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