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Elation EHR + Billing - Collecting A Patient Payment in the EHR
Elation EHR + Billing - Collecting A Patient Payment in the EHR

How Elation EHR + Billing users can collect Patient Payments in the EHR

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With these workflows available to Elation EHR + Billing users, Patient Payments collected in the EHR will now automatically flow into Elation Billing!


Collecting Patient Payments in the EHR requires that your practice has activated Stripe. Click here for instructions!

Step 1 - Collect via Calendar or Payment

Option 1 - Collect via the Calendar

In the Appointment Calendar, select the Patient - then, click Collect Payment!

Option 2 - Collect via the "Payment" Button

From your EHR Practice Home, select "Payment"

Payment is found in the top center of the Practice Home - it is the far-right button in the toolbar.

Begin typing the Patient's name, and select them from the list

Typing part of the patient's name will pull from the practice's patient list - select the appropriate patient

Step 2 - Payment Amount and Reason

Patient Name, Amount, and Payment Reason must be designated. Below these fields, one can add Internal and/or Patient Payment notes, and view the standard Copay and Current Balance.

You'll note that the patient's standard Copay and their Current Balance will be immediately available.

By selecting the [...] in Current Balance, you can navigate directly to the patient's Elation Billing page.

Denote the Payment Amount, and the Payment Reason (either Copay or Outstanding Balance)


Denoting a payment as Copay will apply this payment to the Visit Note. Assuming the Date of Payment matches the DOS, once the Balance Responsibility has been transferred to the Patient in Elation Billing, the copay will automatically apply! Copays can also be manually applied if the Date of Payment does not match the DOS.

Outstanding Balance

An Outstanding Balance payment will immediately, automatically apply to the balance in Elation Billing!

Patient Payment Note

Add Patient Payment Note allows you to leave a note for the patient.

EHR view

What a patient receives via email:

Cash/ Check - Reference Number

When recording a Cash or Check payment, leaving a Reference Number will also populate in Elation Billing.

EHR View

Elation Billing Payment View

Step 3 - Payment Method

Payments can be collected via

Credit/ Debit - Stripe

  • Credit/Debit requires that your practice has enrolled with Stripe. Attempting to collect a Credit/ Debit payment without this enrollment will lead to the enrollment page - this only takes about 10 minutes!

Credit/ Debit - Non-Stripe Merchant

  • If you're using a merchant other than Stripe, we would advise the following workflow

    • Collect the Payment as a Cash or Check payment

    • navigate to Elation Billing Payments

    • open the payment collected

    • Edit the payment

    • Add the merchant's transaction reference number

    • Save


At this time, the EHR does not support the direct recording of Check Numbers. For the time being, if you would like to record this number, we advise that you

  • navigate to Elation Billing Payments

  • open the payment collected

  • Edit the payment

  • Add the Check Number

  • Save


Step 4 - Patient Payment Summary and Print Receipt

Once you collect the payment, you'll be presented with a Patient Payment Summary

You can Print the patient's receipt directly from this pane.

To print a patient receipt later:

  • navigate to the EHR

  • navigate to Reports β†’ Patient Payment Report

  • (optional, advised) search for the Patient

  • under the Actions column (far right), select the [...]

  • select View Receipt

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