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Elation EHR + Billing - Collecting a Patient Payment in Elation Billing
Elation EHR + Billing - Collecting a Patient Payment in Elation Billing

How Elation EHR + Billing users can begin collecting a Patient Payment in Elation Billing

Updated over a week ago

Feature Introduction

For Elation EHR + Billing practices, there are a few different ways to begin collecting Patient Payments from Elation Billing!


At this time, opening the Patient Payment Request dialogue in these ways will not automatically open a dialogue for that patient - this workflow will be streamlined in the very near future!

Collect From the Patient's Page

  • Within the patient's Elation Billing page, select the "Collect Now" button

  • Select "Process Payment" to automatically open the Patient Payment tool in the EHR

Collect Now is found in the patient's Balance pane

Collect From the Superbill

  • In the green Copayment Collected pane, "Collect Now" sits to the right of the Amount Collected value
  • in the Copayment Collected panel, select "Collect Now" to automatically open the EHR's Patient Payment tool

Patient Pays via Elation Billing Statement (

When a patient receives an Elation Billing statement, they will be directed to pay online at - after entering their DOB and Account ID, followed by a review of their balance and previous statements, they will be redirected to your Practice's Payment Page!

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