Sending Statements

How do I send a batch of patient statements by mail?

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Example Statement

Example Statement First Page

The Phone Number listed will be your practice's Billing Phone, as designated in your Practice Settings.

When there is a Responsible Party on file, their information will populate in the Address Panel. The Patient's name will appear at the top of each statement page.

Statement Page 1 - it offers a generalized overview of the Statement Amounts, Adjustments, and Due Date, and methods by which to pay - mail, phone, and online. Global and Selected Patient Notes will also be present.

Example Statement Subsequent Pages

Subsequent Statement Pages will offer a breakdown of each claim line, including DOS, CPT and Description, Charge, Insurance Payment, Patient Payment thus far, Adjustment Amounts, and the Patient Balance.

Generating and Sending Statements


Select the Send Statements page from the Patient drop-down menu.

Are your settings correct?

Want to add a custom note to the top of the statements?

Global Notes - add a note that will appear at the top of all statements. (The note must be active (starred) at the time you send the statements - adding later will be too late)

Want to automate statement reminders until the bill is paid?

Automations - Turn on Text/Email Bots (Also view all automation and stop if desired)

Want to change the Practice Name as it appears on the Statements (DBA)?

Settings - Set the practice DBA, and the electronic message on text/email

*Elation EHR + Billing Practices* - Want to customize the payment link?

As eventually redirects to your practice's own Patient Payment Page, there is no need to update this link!

Step 1 - "Lightning Bot" to Apply Patient Payments

This will apply unapplied Patient Payments to their outstanding balances. If you have a large account with a lot of patient payments and balances, this may take a couple of minutes. If you DO NOT want to apply the payments, click NEXT to SKIP.

Lightning Bot will:

  1. Find unapplied patient payments

  2. Apply all copays to matching DOS only

    1. Copays collected on a Superbill that has yet to be Settled will be reserved for use on that Superbill

  3. For all other unapplied payments, match DOS and apply

  4. Apply any remainder to the oldest balances

Step 2 - Generate a Statement List

Set the filters to narrow down who will be on the statement list.

The defaults are

  • balances greater than $10

  • haven't received a statement (of the types selected) in a month

  • Statement Type

  • Statement Due Date - Due in 30 Days

  • Color-Coded statements (see step 2a)

Step 2a - Color Coded for Aging

Statements that are Color Coded for Aging will present as follows:

First Statement is Green

The statement's highlights are in green - the text remains black and gray.

Second Statement is Yellow

The statement's highlights are in yellow - the text remains black and gray.

Subsequent, Pre-Collections, and Collections Statements are Red

The statement's highlights are in red - the text remains black and gray.

Step 3 - Review the List and Select Recipients

On the list, you can review the balance, the color of the next statement to go out, and the number of statements the patient already received since their last payment. To the right, you can click the buttons to review patient claims, statement notes, and patient alerts.

You can select MAIL, EMAIL, or TEXT.

EMAIL and TEXT statements can be utilized if Online Payments are activated via your Practice Settings. This requires that the provider has a Stripe account, and a link to a bank account to which the funds are routed.

The icons for PHONE/EMAIL indicate if you have something on record for that patient. Patients without phone/email cannot be sent the text/email statements.

You can now see patient UNAPPLIED payments in a sortable column.

The NO STATEMENT patients button will show you a list of patients NOT receiving statements. (Statements are blocked) You can change this setting on the patient page by editing their profile

Step 3a - Select the Recipients

You can click Select All, or you can hold CTRL and click multiple patients to select or unselect them. Once all are selected, click Send Statements. If you have a large batch of statements, it may take a few minutes to process them all.

You can see the status and a log of all statements on the Statement Mailing Page (we are working to improve this page!)

Patient Last Mailed Statement Dates aren't updated until we confirm the mailing.

Step 4 - Send!

What a Patient Receives


Click Here to see an example of a mailed statement!


Emails will be sent from

By selecting VIEW STATEMENT, they'll be redirected to (see below)


Patients will receive

"Thank you for your visit to [Practice].

Please click on the link below to make a payment.

[ElationPay link]"

Online Patient Payments

Patients can pay online at - this site is provided on the Statement itself, as well as linked in the Email/ Text statements.

When navigating to, patients will see

The Patient Account Number / Payment Code should be present when the patient navigates from their text/ email statement. This can also be found on the statement itself:

Viewing Balance and Previous Statements

The patient can click any of the dates to view that statement.

Once they've determined a Payment Amount, they will select Pay Now

"Pay Now"

Selecting Pay Now will take them to your practice's Payment Request page. From here, they can enter their information and process the payment! They can also opt to keep their card on file.

Bonus Info

Viewing Sent Statements, Mailing One-Offs, and Updating/ Resetting the Statement Counter

When on a patient profile page, you can click on Statements to view previous statements, mail a one-off statement, or edit the statement counter manually.

How to Update/ Reset Statement Counter

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