Manually Applying a Patient Payment

How do Elation EHR + Billing practices manually apply copays?

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Elation EHR + Billing practices that have Integrated Payments active will automatically have Copayments collected in the EMR posted to Elation Billing - no need to create the Copay in Elation Billing again!

While Copays will typically apply automatically

  • *if the Copay's Payment Date matches the DOS*, and

  • once the balance responsibility is transferred to the patient

there may be cause to manually apply the copay to a Superbill.

Step 1 - Navigate

You can find the Payment in a few locations:

The Superbill (Copay only)

Within the Superbill's Copayment Collected box, select View Details

in the green Copayment Collected box, "View Details" is to the right of the Copay amount

Patient History

From the Patient's Page, you can view their History for a full list of Patient Payments.


From Payments, you can search for the Patient.

Step 2 - Add Claims to the Payment

Select "View Patient Claims"

View Patient Claims is found in the upper-right of the Add Claims To Payment box

From here, you can view all of the patient's claims on which they have Balance Responsibility (claims with a balance assigned to a Payer will not be present).

Select the Claim(s) you'd like to add to the Payment

This view offers info like Claim ID, DOS, Patient Balance, and more. On the far right is an Add Charges button, which adds the Claim to the Payment

Alternatively, add claims to your payment by entering the superbill number and hitting enter or clicking the + Claims button. The system will not let you add the same claim twice.

Step 3 - Quick Links

You can click on several quick links in the blue claim header. You can open the superbill, the patient, and take actions like editing demographics and insurance, viewing claim history, and deleting the claim from the payment (this deletes all the adjustments, payments, etc that were entered on this payment for that claim).

Step 4 - Apply the Payment

Note: We do not advise applying Patient payments before Insurance payments have been applied.

Add the amount of the Payment being applied to the claim in the Payment field.

Step 5 - Bill To

Designated where the claim will be routed next - if the balance has been fully covered, the claim will likely be Settled.

Step 6 - Save the Payment

If the patient's payment has been fully applied, you'll find that the Unapplied box is now green with a balance of $0.00 - any other value in red would indicate an imbalance (typically due to the patient's payment not being fully applied). Assuming all is well, you are now free to Save the payment to apply the funds and the claims' disposition!

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