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Elation Billing FAQs
Elation Billing FAQs
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This Article is constantly evolving! If you can't find what you're looking for, don't hesitate to reach out to our Support Team!


What Clearinghouse does Elation Billing use?

Claim.MD is the clearinghouse that Elation Billing uses. Click Here to view their Payer List!

Note that some payers transmit their ERA through a separate Trading Partner before reaching Claim.MD. If you need more details about a specific payer's Trading Partner, please contact Elation Billing Support!


How do I delete a Patient?

At this time, Deleting a patient is not a feature we provide - we may add this function down the road! In the meantime, click here for current best practice on designating a Patient as "Deleted"!


How do I Generate and Send Statements?

How do I Text/ Email Statements?

To set them up, you'll just need to Activate Online Payments!

Can I automatically send Text/ Email Statements?

How do I View Statements?

What are the Fees?

Mailed statements cost $0.85 per statement.

Text and Email statements are included in your Elation Billing subscription!

Can I Print and Send my own Statements?

You cannot print and mail your own statements in the billing software. You must use the automated mailing house, but trust us, this will save you a TON of time and money. Once you have sent any statement(s), you can print, download, email, etc.


How do I use Custom CPTs?

Looking to create your own Custom CPTs for patient balances, capitation payments, etc?

You can enter whatever information you like into the CPT field. At this time, you cannot store these CPTs to your fee schedule - this may be a feature we add down the road!

How do I delete a Payment?

At this time, Deleting a Payment is not a feature we provide - we may add this function down the road! In the meantime, click here for current best practice on designating a Payment as "Deleted"!

How do I print a patient receipt?

For Elation EHR + Billing users, the best source of a Patient Receipt will be found in the EMR, specifically in the Patient Payment Report.

To print proof of a payment posted within Elation Billing, print the Patient History.

Patient History is found on the Patient's Page, in the toolbar on the bottom of the page - it is the second-to-last button.

Why can't I delete a Claim Line?

If a Claim has any payments with which it is associated, you will be unable to delete a Claim Line.

To Delete a claim line blocked by associated financial transactions:

  1. Delete the Superbill from all Payments currently associated with which it is associated

    1. If you believe you will need to re-post the Superbill to these payments after deleting the claim line, we advise that you make a record of all of these payments for yourself for later reference - Check Numbers, screenshots, Superbill Alert/Note, etc. If you do not intend to re-post the Superbill to those Payments, then this can be ignored.

  2. Once the Superbill has been dissociated from all Payments, follow this guide to Refresh the Billing Software on the Superbill's page

  3. Once you've 1) dissociated all Payments and 2) Refreshed the billing software on the Superbill's Page, you will be able to delete the claim line!

How do I attach a file to a Claim?

At this time, this is not a feature that we support - we may add this functionality down the road!

How do I bill Worker's Comp?

At this time, this is not a feature that we offer - Worker's Comp will have to be paper-billed. We may add this functionality down the road!

Why is my Payment or Autopost stuck on "Working"?

If your payment is stuck Working and it's been over 60 seconds, then it took the server too long to respond. This may happen on a large payment with a high number of charge lines added to it.

Don't worry! Your data was already sent and the server is processing it - no need to post again. Go ahead and refresh or just close the tab and reopen the billing software in another tab.

Allow a few minutes for the payment save to complete.


Where can I find the Clearinghouse's Trading Partner ID?

Any information needed for an EDI enrollment, including the Trading Partner ID, will be found in the Instructions provided when starting a Payer's Enrollment!

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