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What is the Claims Queue? How do I use it?

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The Claims Queue is where your claims will land after designating where they'll be billed, and is the last stop for claims before they're sent out to their payer(s).

Step 1


There are two ways to reach the Claims Queue

1. From the Billing dropdown menu:

2. From the Bill Now button, followed by See Queue:

Step 2


Once you are in the Queue, you can see the claims that have been designated for sending to their respective payer(s). Below is an example of what you can expect to see once claims are in your Queue.

To view a specific claim, you can click the blue Claim # to open the claim in a new tab.

To remove a claim from the Queue, you can click anywhere (that isn't a button) within the claim's row to select it, and then select Remove Selected From Queue. To select multiple claims for removal, you can hold [ctrl] (Windows) or [command] (Mac) when you click the rows.

PRINT can be used for Paper Billing - it will prompt you to generate a claim form, mark the claim as Billed, and remove the claim from the Queue. *If the 1500 is not appearing, make sure it hasn't been caught by your Popup Blocker.

TAGS will allow you to update the tags on a claim. By default, any claim in the Queue will be tagged "Queued". *Note that if a claim's Worklist Status is changed to "Yes", it will be automatically removed from the Queue once this status is Saved.*

Step 3


When you are ready to send your Queue off to the payer(s), you will do so via the Bill Now button, followed by the "Bill Now" within the popup that appears.

Billing off claims will automatically change their Tag from "Queued" to "Billed".

At this stage, the claims will be sent off to the clearinghouse, where they'll be routed to the payer!

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