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Activate Online Payments
Activate Online Payments

How do I activate online payment processing? How can Patients pay online?

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*Elation EHR + Billing Practices*

If your practice is an Elation EHR + Billing user, you will instead activate Stripe through the EHR! This process takes about 10 minutes - you can disregard Step 2. Click Here for EHR Stripe Instructions.

*Elation Billing Legacy Practices*


We partner with Stripe to simplify payment processing.

Elation Billing Legacy (non-EHR) Practices

Step 1 - Navigate

Click on the Practice Settings option under the Settings drop-down menu.

Click on the ACTIVATE button for online payments.

Step 2 - Get Your API Keys

You can find your API keys when you log into

Click on Developers in the upper right, then on API Keys.

Here you will find 2 keys, a publishable and secret LIVE key. You will need them both to activate the integration.

Step 3 - Enter Your API Keys

Enter your API Keys into the billing software and click ACTIVATE NOW, then the billing software will verify the keys and activate online payment processing for your account.

Step 4 - Using Online Payments

Here are a few things you should know...

When you click the COLLECT NOW button on a patient profile, you will now have the choice of charging a credit card.

Your patient statements will also reference the online payment portal for patients at ELATIONPAY.COM

You can also see payments you process in the billing software when you log into your Stripe account. At this time, patient refunds would be processed directly by you in your Stripe, but will be integrated as an in-app feature soon in the billing software.

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