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Setting up and running the Text/Email Bot. (Only available with active online payments.)

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Setup and Use of Text/ Email Bot

Step 1 - Navigate

  1. Click on the Patients > Send Statements

  2. Click Text and Email Automation Button

  3. On the Send Statements Page, click the Text and Email Automation button. (Note: The number tag on the button will show the amount of current text and emails going out through the Bot.)

Step 2 - Setup


Setting up your text/email bots to send out statement reminders is part of the statement setup and is done BEFORE you complete the statement wizard and start sending your statements.

If you like the idea of sending statement reminders until the bill is paid, we recommend using this feature. Once the bots are ACTIVE, any text/email statements you send in the statement wizard will be added to your automated list.

Setting Up Automated Statements (text/email only)

When the Statement Automations window opens, it will default to text bot. If you would like to switch this you can press the email bot button at the top.

Once you are on the desired bot you can set the parameters by inputting a number and selecting from the drop-down days, weeks, or months. Click save at this point to set the parameters you have input.

If you would like to set a default parameter you can press the quick-start button. This will set the automation to send every 14 days.

Step 3 - Reading the Set Automations

Now that you have automation active there are a couple of things we can take a look at.

  1. The status of the Bot will show it is active. This is the best way to tell if your bot is turned on or off.

  2. The details of the bot will now be listed. This will show how often the bot will send an email/text to the patient to pay their bill.

  3. You will have an updated Preview portion. This will show what is being sent to the patient by either text or email.

Step 4 - Setting the Electronic Message

If you would like to change the message sent in emails and texts you can click on the settings button.

Step 5 - Saving New Message

When the Statement Settings window opens you can click down to the electronics tab. In this tab, you can write a new message by just deleting the old message and clicking the save button. When you hit save it will update all electronic messages, even on texts and emails currently going out. (If you would like to completely delete your message and go back to the default message sent, you can delete the message and just save the blank text box.)

Step 6 - Sending Out Texts/ Emails

To start the automation you will need to send statements out. When you get to the table to send out statements there will be some new options. First, you will see some new columns which indicate if the patient has a phone number or email. The checkmark will indicate yes and the x will indicate no. Second, there are checkboxes to indicate whether you want to send out email, text, and mail. Make sure to mark text or emails to send out your statements. A text/email will send at that moment and then it will follow the automation parameters. (If automation is not set, the statement will send only once to a patient.)

Step 7 - Stopping The Bot

To stop the bot from running all you have to do is click stop the bot. There is a confirmation notice on this button so you can't stop all of them by accident. (This will stop all ongoing automations.)

Extra Information

Checking All Automations

Lastly, if you would like to check a detailed look at what is going out you can click the See All Automated Statements tab. The name of the patient receiving the email/text will be listed as well as if it is a text or email, the amount on the statement, and the number of times an email/text was sent. If you would like to stop that one bot from running anymore you can press the stop bot button to stop the one.

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