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Applying Patient Payments with ⚡️Apply Patient Payments
Applying Patient Payments with ⚡️Apply Patient Payments

How to apply patient payments automatically

Updated over a week ago


Select the Send Statements page from the Patient drop-down menu.

*Note* - you will not need to Send Statements to use the automated⚡️Apply Patient Payments tool

in the Patients tool menu, Send Statements is the third menu option

⚡️ Apply Patient Payments

This will apply unapplied Patient Payments to their outstanding balances. If you have a large account with a lot of patient payments and balances, this may take a couple of minutes.

⚡️Apply Patient Payments will:

  1. Find unapplied patient payments

  2. Apply all copays to matching DOS only

    1. Copays collected on a Superbill that has yet to be Settled will be reserved for use on that Superbill

  3. For all other unapplied payments, match DOS and apply

  4. Apply any remainder to the oldest balances

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