Clearing Out a Payment

How do I delete a payment? How do I delete a duplicated payment?

Updated over a week ago

At this time, Deleting a Payment is not a feature we provide - we may add this function down the road!

At this time, when you have a need to clear out an erroneous Payment, we advise you to:

Step 1 - Remove all Superbills from the payment

If there are any Superbills on the Payment, go ahead and delete them.

On the Payment, in the Superbill's info ribbon, click the Trashcan to the left of the Detail button

Step 2 - Edit the payment

  1. Set the Payment amount to $0

  2. Change the check number to DUPLICATE

  3. Save

Can't Edit the Payment?

If your Elation EHR + Billing practice has the Patient Payment Workflow Update active, you may find you cannot edit the Payment Amount. In that case, refer to this guide on activating the Legacy Payment Workflow.

In the Payment Info ribbon, click the Edit button

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