Activating Legacy Payment Workflow

How do I edit Patient Payments?

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Intro - Why Use Legacy Payment Workflow

For Elation EHR + Billing users with the Patient Payment Workflow Update active (which allows for patient payments taken in the EHR to automatically flow over to Elation Billing), taking and editing Patient Payments in Elation Billing is restricted by default (you can only edit the Check Number, and the Posting Date) - this is because Payments Collected/ Edited in Elation Billing will not update in the EHR.

However, sometimes you may need to make edits - the Legacy Payment Workflow allows for this!

Step 1 - Practice Settings

To activate the Legacy Payment Workflow, allowing you to manually add and/ or edit Patient Payments to Elation Billing:

  • in Elation Billing, navigate to Settings -> Practice Settings

  • Select the Billing Rules tab

  • enable Legacy Payment Workflow

Step 2a - Posting a Patient Payment in Elation Billing

Remember that this payment will not appear in the EHR!

  1. in Elation Billing, select Payments -> “+New Insurance Payment” (you’ll swap to Patient in the next step)

  2. in the New Payment pop-up, update the Payment Type from Insurance to Patient

  3. select the patient

  4. supply the payment information

  5. Save the payment

Step 2b - Editing a Patient Payment in Elation Billing

Remember that this edit will not appear in the EHR!

  1. Navigate to the Payment

  2. select EDIT

  3. Make the necessary changes

  4. Save

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