Running Eligibility

How to run and view Real-time Eligibility (RTE)

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Once you've enrolled for a Payer's Eligibility, you're all set to run RTE for those patients!

Running RTE in Elation Billing

You can run RTE from any Patient or Superbill Page.

Step 1 - Check the Policy

An image of Samwise Gamgee's Patient Page. In the center, within his ME Medicaid policy, a coral arrow points at the blue button that says Check.

Step 2a - Select "E-Check Eligibility"

Step 2b - Manually Mark Active

Sometimes, you may need to Manually mark a policy as (in)active - select "Manual Check"

Step 3 - Run the Check

Step 4 - View the Report (optional, E-Check only)

You can view the reports for both Active and Inactive policies to receive more information.

Click the Report summary to view more information. The info available is determined on a payer-by-payer basis, dependent on what the Payer provides.

Running Eligibility in Elation EHR

For Elation EHR + Billing users, RTE can also be run in the EHR! Running RTE in the EHR will update the Eligibility in Elation Billing, and vice versa.

Step 1 - Open the Patient's Demographics

Step 2 - Navigate to Insurance, Payment, & Membership

In the sidebar of the pop-up window, select Insurance, Payment, & Membership

Step 3 - Check Eligibility

Step 4 - View the Report (optional)

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