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Add/ Update a Fee Schedule
Add/ Update a Fee Schedule

How do I set up custom fees? How can I create a clickable superbill? How do I use Live Edit?

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*Elation EHR + Billing Users*

For Elation EHR + Billing practices that are adding their CPTs onto the Visit Note in the EHR, we strongly recommend establishing your Fee Schedule in the EHR - any fees present in the EHR will override any fee schedule present in Elation Billing. The fee schedule in Elation Billing will only populate a fee on a claim-line that has no charge present.

Creating a Fee Schedule in the EHR

  • in the EHR (not Elation Billing) navigate to Settings

  • Under Practice Settings, select Billing

  • at the bottom of "Popular CPT Codes", select "+Add CPT Code"

  • list the Code you'd like to use, a description, and a Charge (note - to add a Charge, "Invoicing" must be turned on - this option resides a bit above the "Popular CPT Codes" section

Creating a Fee Schedule in Elation Billing

Step 1 - Navigate

You can update your fee schedule from any Superbill. Alternatively, you can create a new superbill from which to work! Click on the New Superbill option under the Billing drop-down menu.

Step 2 - Add Claims

Click the Add Claims button.

If you're on a New Superbill, you'll need to add a patient to the superbill, then select Rendering, Location, and From Date.

Step 3 - Select Schedule

Select the appropriate Fee Schedule using the dropdown in the upper-right.

Step 4 - Add your custom codes and fees

  1. Click LIVE EDIT, then change the name of the superbill to something new, instead of "default"

  2. Next Click, ADD CATEGORY, then name your category and choose a COLOR

  3. Next Click the PLUS button next to your category and start searching for and adding CPT codes to your category. When you have finished adding, close the code search.

  4. You may need to click on your category box to expand and see the codes, now you can EDIT THE FEES.

  5. Close the superbill or click LIVE EDIT again to complete the process

  6. HINT: When you are clicking around adding your fees, you might queue up some codes to bill! You can click the X on the queued codes to remove them


Live Edit

In this image, DEFAULT will be the name of the created schedule.


Add Codes

Edit Fees

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