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Add or Edit a Service Location
Add or Edit a Service Location

How do I add a location? How do I edit a location?

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Elation All-in-One Integration

If you are an Elation AiO customer, updating your Service Locations in Elation Billing will also update your locations in the EHR!

Step 1 - Navigate

Select the Practice Settings option from the Settings drop-down menu, then select the Locations tab.

Step 2 - Add Location

Click the Add Location button.

Then complete all the location fields and SAVE.


*If you have the NPI, enter it first and auto-populate.

*You can click the VALIDATE button to confirm the address with USPS.

Step 3 - Completion

Verify that you can see your location on the list as well as in the drop-down options when you are creating or editing claims on a superbill.

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