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Filing a Corrected Claim
Filing a Corrected Claim

How to file a corrected claim or a voided claim

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Note - Corrected Claims have been partially automated!

If the Payer has provided an ERA in Elation Billing, simply update and resubmit the claim to file it as Corrected - our Clearinghouse will automatically add the ICN, and file the claim as Corrected.

If there is not an ERA within Elation Billing for the Claim, then the claim will still need to be marked as Corrected, with the ICN added, manually.

Step 1 - Navigate

On the superbill, click the "Corrected Claim Info" button

Step 2 - Save the Payer ICN

From the Claim Corrections Screen, we suggest you add the ICN to a saved list for reuse as needed. Click on the 'Add ICN to List' button and then select the Payer and enter the ICN.

Step 3 - Attach the ICN and Correction Code to the Claim

From the Claim Corrections Screen, select a correction code (Voided or Corrected) and enter an ICN OR select one from your list by clicking on it. To finish click SAVE. Your ICN and the correction code will be attached to the claim and you may proceed to rebill it. The correction code will be attached to the claim for ONE SUBMISSION ONLY. This keeps the correction codes from following the claim to a subsequent secondary billing, etc. (There are a few payers that will not allow corrected claims electronically. Please open a support ticket if your corrected claim is not accepted by the payer.)

Step 4 - Lightning Bill The Claim

Bill the claim to the Payer in the usual method.

Once the Corrected Claim has been Billed, the Corrected tag will automatically be added.

For information on the disposition of the claim after submitting, you will need to contact the Payer (typically via their Portal).

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